Monday, January 11, 2010

Youth in Revolt - FILM

Not much happens: Michael Cera plays his usual awkward shtick, he falls in love with a girl, does a few bad deeds to impress her, and the movie ends. A awesome cast of character actors gets completely wasted (Steve Buschemi, Zach Galifnagis and Ray Liotta float by) and the film thinks Cera masturbating constitutes a 'big' joke. It's supposed to be sly, understated stuff but it feels long and uneventful. The 'dual identity' gag of Cera creating an alternate personality to do his dastardly deeds doesn't work because 'evil' Cera is just Cera speaking in monotone with a mustache. Every single standout moment is ruined in the trailer.

Of note are some awkwardly inserted bits of 'Twee' animation that feel completely out of place. Do films really need to go to this length to feel 'indie' now?

Don't trust my judgment. Two women behind me cackled like the Cryptkeeper every time Cera appeared on screen. They seemed to GREATLY amused at seeing him in a bathrobe.

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