Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Polytechnique (2009) Women on the Run (1996) - FILM


This chronicling of the horrifying shooting spree that took place at Quebec college in 1989 is very well made, but is calculated within an inch of its life. The shocks are only so shocking, the drama faint and the characters thinly sketched. The filmmakers don't seem to have any other lofty goals than being a straight ahead commercial art film. I wish they had reached a little higher, digged a little deeper and asked tougher questions. It's a film that seems to be terrified to wake the beast, so it only pokes it gently.

The film was shot in FRENCH and ENGLISH. I viewed the French version.


Director Cory Yuen is one hell of an action director. I'd even say he's arguably one of the most consistently energetic "realistic" martial arts director alive today. He can direct films like this CATEGORY III (Mostly for some doubled nudity) snoozer in his sleep - so he does. It's bottom of the barrel stuff with a few barely decent action scenes. The rating promises some uncessary cruelty, like a scene where some punks use a tiny dog as a soccer ball that leads into a completely out of nowhere rape scene, and it's strictly uncomfortable stuff. Completists apply only. Or if you've always wanted to see a woman only be able to fight if she smokes some heroin.

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