Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Losers - COMIC BOOK

A elite team of commandos seek revenge over the people that double crossed them. Even if means they have to take down the United States government in the process.

Over thirty two issues writer Andy Diggle crafts the greatest big budget summer blockbuster never filmed*. It's a sprawling tale filled with covert ops mumbo jumbo, one liner quipping bad-ass heroes and fantastically violent action set pieces. The art (Mostly done by Jock) is so vibrant you can almost feel the camera swooshing in sync with the gunfire. You'll never see a cooler drawing of people pointing guns.

The first arc is the strongest by far. Kick butt introductions to the main team, solid action movie storytelling and enough twists to keep you going . After such a brilliant start (coupled with critical raves) Diggle did his best to live up to expectation. Don't get me wrong, it's still above average work, but it doesn't feel nearly as organic as those first seven issues. The story moves in spurts without a real direction. We get lots of great moment that don't add up to the greater whole. Still, the same characters are all along for the ride and they're personalities never falter. Only an underwhelming ending does.

It's worth a read. Just keep your expectations in check after the brilliant first few issues.

*Scratch that. The film version will be hitting this summer with a fantastic cast directed by the guy who's last film was...Stomp the Yard.

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