Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Teenagers From Mars: COMIC BOOK

A gritty heavy handed take on Comic Book censorship. TEENAGERS FROM MARS is a fun read that suffers from the dreaded WAIT FOR THE TRADE pacing. The story could have easily been told in three issues: Boy creates trouble, comic books get caught in the cross-fire, he falls in love with a hot punk chick that believe in him, and they become comic book rebels. The art by ROB G has a nice sketchy look and the elongated nature of the storytelling allows him to milk humor out of silence splendidly. Tonally, writer Rick Spears doesn't seem to know if he wants accept the over the top nature of his story or stick to being down the earth. Either way, the final result is an odd mis-match that doesn't incite the emotional or intellectual response the subject matter should drum up. Add all that together and you have a book that's preaching to the choir when it should be accessible to all. It's a solid dose of Geek Wish Fulfillment that comes off forced.

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