Monday, January 4, 2010

The Magic Money Gods Frown On Your Failure

It's the time of year again. The happy government sends me money for school.

And it's all screwed up.

My money was mailed to my old address, but when I went to go pick it up my landlord had done a RETURN TO SENDER on me (Thinking it was a useless little bill). I called the Financial Offices today only to be told that they would PROBABLY receive the money in a couple of days (if it was returned properly) and then I can come pick it up. If they don't, I have to wait till Jan 18th to Re-Order the money, and then wait another two weeks to receive it, which will lead to two more weeks of processing, so if I don't receive the money this month I won't get it till the end of Feb.

I won't be able to pay rent in January if I don't receive the money.

Screwed. Oh, so screwed.

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