Friday, January 1, 2010

Shitting Silver


Every time I sit at the keyboard I let out a load of crap. It smells like being illiterate and it tastes like a lack of ideas.

If I look closely, real close, I know I'll find silver in the pile of crap. The silver shine of an article that's worth reading.

Most of the time I let the fecal matter fester in the air. I'm terrified that I'll spend hours shifting through the brown stuff and find nothing but zip. Nothing but a half-assed ideas people give up halfway through.

So, I don't do anything.

I have to sift, I have to dig and I have to hold my breath. I have to revise what I write.

Please bear with me every time I post something shitty. My editing process is slow. I usually write something, post it right away and minutes later I go back and re-work it. It's a weird process, but it's the only way I can work through my poophobia.

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