Friday, January 1, 2010

I Am Dirt Incarnate

I remember once being yelled at by my step-mother for not using soap in the shower (There was only a tiny little stick of it left. It was a trap from the get go) My father backed me up by saying "Well, at least he got wet."

I still got ten lashes with the barbed wire

Some guy on the internet from a suspiciously named site FREETHEANIMAL (Furry porn?) has this to say about his experiences wiithout soap and shampoo:
  • Took about two weeks to normalize. That is, I felt my hair was greasy and skin oily up to then.
  • Now it's intermittent. It's perhaps a function of water hardness, but sometimes skin and hair feel squeaky clean, and other times indeterminate.
  • Even when I feel greasy/oily in the shower with just water, once everything dies out, it's always all the same -- fine; soft & dry.
  • My skin & hair have never been softer. Never.
  • If anything, my hair is less "greasy" than ever, yet shampoo hasn't touched it in over six months.
  • Private parts. Have to address this, of course. This is the biggest benefit of all. Surprised? You'll just have to try it, because I'm not going to elaborate. That's why they call them "private parts." OK, a clue: maybe it's the constant cleansing that's the cause of the sweaty-stinky problem in the first place? If for nothing else, I'm soap free for life on this point alone. I feel as though I've been scammed -- and liberated. I can't explain further. You'll just have to try.
  • You'll save a lot of money, especially you chicks. Grils: you can Google about no shampoo. Lotsa link
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