Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seven 2 One (2009) - FILM

Why do I always hold out hope for film by the Pang Brothers?

Originally editors (Infernal Affairs), the brotherly directorial duo crashed on the screen with THE EYE and BANKOK DANGEROUS and have continued to create empty style over substance since. Sometimes they are decent (Oxyde's THE DETECTIVE) and sometimes terrible (Forest of Death, Nic Cage's Bankok Dangerous, The Messengers)

Yet, still, I stay optimistic.

The styalistic hook of SEVEN 2 ONE is that we're going to see a robbery from seven points of view. We're introduced a character and we get the back story of how they got to this point. What dark secrets will be reveled? Is everyone who they seem? Is there any point? Well, not really. It all looks nice and shiny, but there's no point to any of it. You'll have guessed any 'twist' (and there really isn't one) within the first twenty minutes. All the characters are wildly unlikable so I didn't care a bit what happened to any of them. the entire thing ends with a SCRUBS style montage of everyone's fate as a canto-pop star struggles on the soundtrack with an expurging English song.

Skip it.

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