Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fist of the North Star - FILM


The man that can make your head explode with a punch!

Ultra violent violence that is content to be nothing but violent. Classic 80's style anime where all the male characters are built the same, the kids are completely out of place and the villains only shows up to have their heads explode. It's a classic film where every minute something horrifyingly (and creatively!) gory happens with such flair that your retinas get permanently scarred. Forget any kind of choreographed action scenes because it's all about the WAY you show the the gore. It's a case of quality and quantity! A flat out anime classic (if this kind of subject matter floats your boat). Show your Pokemon loving friends!


Gary Daniels looks perfect as the Fist of the North Star. He even has the martial arts prowess the role requires! It's the other stuff that poses a acting...emoting...and having to say lines. The look on his face when he's being tortured is a mix of explosive diarrhea and anal penetration. It's a good thing he's surrounded by such a crappy film. It looks like it was shot completely on one back lot. The director has NO IDEA how to shoot an action scene ("So, they'll come at him one at a time!") and commits the worst sin of all - there isn't one decent head explosion. At least you can play "Spot the z-level character actor!" Look there's Chris Penn! Clint Howard! Mario Van Peebles!

Check out the ultra fun "RICKI-OH: THE STORY OF RICKY" for a true alternative to a live action exploding punch.

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