Monday, January 25, 2010

PUSH (2009) - FILM

Director Paul McGuigan does it again! He takes a vaguely interesting premise (Barely. This is cookie cutter computer generated stuff) and succeeds in making it downright DULL. PUSH is a super-hero film with nary any super-heroics on display. The characters prefer talking incessantly in crazy wall papered rooms about nothing to pad out the running time - Just like the director's previous GANGSTER #1 and LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN! The powers are simple ( the Future forecasters, body mold power push, mind control power push and...super scream....?) and nothing of real interest are done with them. There's a few wheezy gasps of barely competent action scenes, but they pop up and leave before you even realize they're there. They even have the balls to bull the "Bad Guy causes building to fall on him" routine. The usual charismatic Chris Evans is reduced to a one note leading man empty of any interest. Dakota Fanning wrestles with her muddled arc. Djimon Hounsou is out of place as the mind controlling villain who performs great bouts of "No! Let him live even though he'll probably be the reason to kill me !" bond villain-like idiocy. It all builds up to...a lame ass cliffhanger...WHAT!? The bloody thing is an hour and forty five minutes of my life I'll never get back.

On the positive side - It does look really cool in part. Kind of.

Forget it.

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