Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Armored (2009) - FILM

The poster is more exciting than the actual film.

Sigh. There's the material in here for a solid 42 minute of episodic television, but there's barely the skeleton of a film. We need meat! The cast of decent actors (A stressed out Matt Dillon, a evil Lawrence Fishburne, a barely there Jean Reno) do their best with the unsurprising material: "Good guy gets trapped in armored car. The bad guys try to get in.". And that doesn't even happen till forty minutes in. There's some tension and a few neat stunts, but nothing worth the feature length slog. Was there a tense three hour character film that hit the cutting room floor? I doubt it. Director Nimrod Antal has been slumming since his visually astute (but narrative mangled) debut CONTROL. Lets hope his work on the rabidly anticipated cult property PREDATORS will be a return back to form.

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