Friday, January 8, 2010


I've been watching a lot of television lately, so the film reviews will be slow coming. Couple that with the fact that my life isn't that exciting right now ("Is it ever?" the members in the peanut gallery bark) results in only a handful of posts.

Hilarious awkward comedy! The closest point of comparison for Rob Thomas' new show (Creator of Veronica Mars) would be to describe it as a slightly more uncomfortable version of the American Office (But nowhere near as cirnge worthy as the British original). Ken Marino stars as Ron, the straight laced idiot manager for the PARTY DOWN catering company. Every episode follows him and his motley gang of employees as one of their jobs goes HORRIBLY WRONG! The idea of keeping every episode contained within a job (Sweet sixteen, Acquittal Party, Team Team Building) works wonders for the dynamic of the cast. They play off each other brillantly and the chemistry is incredibly natural. Other than the screwup Marino we've got Martin Starr (Of Freaks and Geeks) as the sci-fi nerd, Ryan Hansen (Veronic Mars) as the ditsy blond actor, Adam Scott (That guy who usually plays a douchebag) and Lizzy Caplin as the audience's anchors to reality. Last,but not least, is Jane Lynch who knocks it out of the park as an actress that's lived the dream but is still willing to give absolutely worthless advice.

With all the comedy going on (Usually of the "My god. I can't believe they did that. " variety) there's some good understated drama work. No matter how wacky the characters get, you actually get a feel for them as people and hope they don't screw up TO badly.

The only thing this show needs is more Paul Rudd. He has a writing credit on ALL ten episodes. Why won't he grace us with his luminous presence?

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