Saturday, January 2, 2010

Party Time?

No massive updates tonight because I spent an amazing evening at my friend Christian's house We threw the shindig to end all shindigs.


I pet his giant dog.

A cat vomited on Christian's television. We laugh because vomit is funny.

I find a giant see through box filled with crickets . Christian calls the box a TERRORARIUM. You can hear the crickets chirp (Christian says "He likes it when they play the classical stuff) Chris tells me that he feeds the crickets to his lizards. everywhere in the stuff. I picture his lizards escaping during the night and eating my eyes.

I drink some chocolate milk

SUPRISE TWIST: At 11:30 AM, his mom refused to let me go back out in the cold mugger filled darkness. The party turns into a sleep over. It's difficult to stay conscious while experiencing all this excitement.

I cut my mouth on a potato chip.

I play Rock band and I complained that the controller must be broken, the sticks mus be bent, and it's not loud enough for me to form a proper rhythm. Christian is powerless before my logic.

One of us passes gas.

Christian yelled at me because I suck at a video game. I realize that I've wasted my youth.

We spend two hours arguing over the plot holes in BACK TO THE FUTURE PART I and II. We wish they made a PART III.

We drift to sleep arm in arm.


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