Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blue Movie - BOOK

Incest. Rape. Lesbianism. Necrophelia. Forced blow jobs. Orgies. Pedophilia

It's all here for your reading...uh...enjoyment?

Written by famed satirist Terry Southern (Candy, The Magic Christian)BLUE MOVIE seems to have no interest in being a real novel. It's merely a a collection of skits involving unlikable one-note characters trying to shock the audience as much as possible. All of the deeds listed are above are described in a slyly funny way that never lets on that it's raunchy at all. The novel works great in the set-up, but once they start filming in meanders and spins in circles, throwing shock after shock that rebounds dully on the reader. You can tell that Terry had the concept but no idea how to play it out. The ending wraps things and gives the prior proceedings absolutely no point. Southern is a good writer, but without a direction the book flounders.

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