Tuesday, January 26, 2010

People Seen

Toronto is a big city. Big cities have lots of people. Lots of people means that there's a lot of odd ducks out there. I decided that it would probably be interesting to document the sights that befall my eyes, ears and other senses.

In the Shopper's Drugmart entrance, two extremely overweight elderly women sit in tiny electric wheelchairs that are facing each other. They look like they just finished playing a game of chicken. One of them is asleep (or dead, maybe the shock of impact killed her on the spot) and the other is reading from a tiny childrens book. I pick up a package at 1:00 PM. Three hours later I return and they're still in the same position. Perhaps they're wax figures. Ulp. No. The reader turns the page.

On the bus there's a middle eastern man in a nice suit and a giant frizzy beard. Every two seconds he complains loudly about the speed the bus is going "Fucking dammit I can't believe this shit!". His complaints peter off after a while and he turns to the girl beside him: "Can't believe its two o'clock eh! Eh?". She doesn't respond. He sits up and stands by the door. Awkward.

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