Monday, January 4, 2010

Kindergarten Cop (1990)

Under the big budget execution of Kindgergarten Cop there's a really subversive film hiding it's stripes. The beginning dead on parody of Arnie's quipping hero persona perfectly seaways into The Governator dealing with a classroom of rowdy kindergardners. Ah-Nauld screams wildly, bugs his eyes out and stops a inch from slapping a little monster across the face. I prepared myself for madness, but all I got was a pat solution. He earns the kids respect by bossing them around (Really?) in a montage accompanied by twinkly 90's music and from that point on the rest of the film is laugh free. Arnie finds love, the pony-tailed villain comes into play and we get a standard final hostage sequence. It's by the numbers stuff by studio cog Ivan Reitman that's entertaining but nothing more.

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