Monday, January 4, 2010

Time Flies on the Long Drive

WARNING: When I started this blog I decided it would be home to ALL my creative endeavors. That includes pretentious short fiction that has nothing to do with robots, vampires, kung-fu or jokes involving hilariously sad individuals. Most people would say it's boring. You've been warned.

"Why can't I see out the window?"

They had been on the bus for three hours. She had talked about her boyfriend Jim for two. He was nice, he was cool, he was this...and that...and he could perform wicked back flips.

It was obvious to him that she didn't find Jim sexually attractive. Someone that is"Cute" is someone that you considered them Ken Doll smooth. He knew this to be a fact.

He had met her in the boarding. He had cracked a few jokes and she had laughed - half-way between HEE-HAH and a duck chortling. He sat beside her on the bus and hoped she didn't think he was creepy.

She didn't.

"Is it dirty?"

As she tlaked he stared at the vague outline of her face in the darkness. He tried to piece together her features from memory: Brown eyes, a little nose, a wide smile that never went away.

She called him cute.

He stopped her. His lips touched hers. She instinctively pulled back.

"I can't" she said. "My boyfriend..."

It was awkward after that.

"It's dirt on the outside of the window."

He made a few jokes, but they lay stale in the air.

"Do you want to sleep?" he said.

She nodded as the smile faded.

"Why don't they wash it off?"

She leaned against his shoulder. Her head weighed nearly nothing. "Are you implying I'm an airhead?" she teased. He was about to reply but she kissed him on the cheek. He blushed. No one saw it in the dark of the bus.

"Why don't they wash it off?"

They awoke when they called her stop. None of them were prepared for it. "What's your number?" he asked. She grabbed her stuff "I don't know my new number" she said. He couldn't tell if she was honest or not. Maybe she found him creepy.

She kissed him on the cheek when she left.

He never saw her again.

"If they wash it off we could see outside."

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