Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fan-Mail for Smart People (Me)

For future reference, please send physical mail packaged with candy or I will not read it. I have a strict "Can only read words while eating candy" policy that hasn't led me astray yet.

From something called the internet I received this from some guy named Philip Decloux:

Your blog is sad,

Okay. Rought start there. Perhaps he meant"You're blog is sad...because it doesn't have candy. Plausible. Even logical. Or maybe he meant "Your blog is sad...because it doesn't feature singing lizards" I agree. We're working on that right now. Or even "Your blog is sad...because it makes me realize the shallowness in my inner being that can never be filled." Deep sentiments there gentle reader. I appreciate your thoughts.

BUT WAIT! Keep reading and we'll see what he really meant.

and needs more followers.

Whoa! Complete curve ball. This is a perfect example of good letter writting. You take the reader for a ride, give him ups and downs, then decapitate his head with an out of left field compliment. Wow. I can barely catch my breath. But I have to, because he's not done yet!

Keep writing!

I agree. Thanks for the kind words gentle reader and I'll keep slamming my head against the keyboard till I pass out.


Oh, and some hobo named Drunk-O-Somethingorother screamed the following my face as I out of my local Philipino pork gloves hop.

Your blog isn't sad. It's Uber Hip and Super Radical-Awesome...and stuff. It speaks to the masses about the ISSUES, It changes people LIVES!!! And it has a healthy dose of Poop Humour. Wicked!

Thank you crazy person that touched me inappropriately! Keep the comments flowing as if you have a decent fiber diet. They keep me awake at night.

I searched "HARRY POTTER MAIL" for a delightful photo of Harry getting mail from the first film and this came up:

The internet has answered my call once again.

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