Saturday, January 9, 2010

Before/After Sunset - FILM

It feels weird to watch good films. Not “Did you see how his head got ripped off by the tentacle?” or “This is horrifyingly funny bad!” films. Actually, well-made, properly produced motion pictures that emotionally involve me.

I'm unsure how to approach these mystical beasts.

Maybe I should start with broad generalized statements.:

Everyone who's ever had a twinge of romantic inclination will enjoy Before and After Sunset.

Before Sunrise is infatuation. It's about falling in love in a heartbeat. The characters live in the moment. The future is so very far away.

Before Sunset is looking back. I's dealing with the choices you've made and meditating about the future. The characters live in the in-between that makes up the past and the now. Not certain of the present but terrified of the future.

Both films are about two people in conversation. That's it. Simple.

Before Sunset takes place over an entire night. It's full of life. The location changes constantly and everything floats on under the influence of two young people having the time of their life.

Before Sunset is shot in seemingly real time. It's filled with tension and the hope for the joy to return. It takes place in very few locations and makes no attempt to keep things fresh by moving about. The days of seeking enjoyment for the sake of joy are gone now for these characters. All that remains are the conversation that could re-ignite past loves.

It's almost impossible for me to imagine both film separate from each other. They are two pieces of the same puzzle. The sweet and the bittersweet brought together to make a complete whole.

Summarized statement: I like them. A lot.

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