Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Treasure Hunters (2009) - FILM

Eighties Hong Kong Cinema is back!

The tendencies for lazy, on the spot screenwriting, plotless meandering, non-characters and crazy bits of unexplainable action are alive and well in the extra glossy bid budget form.

You decide if that's a good thing.

Pop Idol Jay Chou (looking like a young version of Shaw Brothers star David Chiang) stars as an Indiana Jones adventurer that - uh - protects treasures? It starts off pretty straight, but before you know it sand warriors, martial arts mummies and flying skull-masked villains are all after one particular piece of treasure. It's all pretty convoluted stuff and Director Chu Yen Ping does his hacky best. The drama appears out of nowhere and lands with a thud. Lots of flashbacks to pad out the running time. Everyone looks on plasticly and Chou is given little to do. The scenery is pretty. Action director Ching Siu Tung phones it in with some nice looking but unmemorable slow-motion-fast-motion-slow-motion choreography.

Waste of time.

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