Friday, January 1, 2010

Cold Blooded

Written and directed by one of the men behind THE SIMPSON'S golden age (Wallace Wololdarksy) COLD BLOODED is fun little crime film more in tune with a Wes Anderson-ish* dead pan aesthetic than Tarantino hipness. Jason Priestly (Of 90210 fame) stars a near emotionless bookie's assistant that gets roped into becoming a hit man. He quickly learns that he's VERY good at killing people and the next thing he knows he's fallen in love, he has to kill his mentor, and he wants out of the business.

COLD BLOODED is a leisurely paced affair that allows the characters to breathe. Wolordarksy relies on awkwardness for comedy and punctuates things with moments of shocking violence that are all the more funny for being so casually portrayed. It's the kind of stuff that would make great material for an HBO TV show.

Good film.

The saddest part is Wolordarksy's career. After directing his debut in 1995, it wasn't till 2002 that he directed SORORITY BOYS (*shudder*) In 2004, he directed SEEING OTHER PEOPLE. Maybe he dosen't need to work. He's more than happy to roll around in his SIMPSONS money Scrooge Mcduck style.

*Interestingly, Wolodarsky is good friend with Wes Anderson. He's had roles in RUSHMORE, DARJEELING LIMITED, THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX and even a character named after his in LIFE AQUATIC,

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