Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cannibal Apocalypse (1980) - FILM

I finally got my goofy city-set man munching fun.


I hope no one takes that out of context.

Anyway, clap your hands and say ARGH!, because you're free of that "The film start in NEW YORK for five unrelated minutes before setting the rest of the bore trip in the jungles of someone's backyard."bullshit.

It's all about eating people out in public places.

Shit. I did it again.

The always reliable John Saxon (Enter The Dragon) stars as a troubled Vietnam vet suffering a little post war shake up. He was bitten by a P.O.W back in the jungle and now he can't shake off the uncontrollable hunger pangs for a little raw red meat. Saxon not only has to fight off the meat munching urges, but his two former army buddies are released from the loony bins and are on the move for a snack.

Bite! Bite! Bite!

Director Antonio Margheretti has forced out quite a few turd (Yor!) but he shows here that even with the flimsiest material he knows where to place the camera to make it feel like a proper film. No Jess Franco shoot where the camera lands work here folks. The actual carnage is bloody, but rather subdued and infrequent, it's the kind of picture that's front and back loaded with the groovy gore. The middle portion is all talk with a few chomping scenes thrown in at infrequent intervals. Thankfully, it never drags and the proceedings jog along at a brisk pace. The ending should ramp up to a fierce Cannibal packed climax, but it slowly unravels till it sputters to a "THE END?" final shot telegraphed miles away. The zombie-ish transferrable Cannibal Curse is potent material that's played here on much to small a scale.

Fun stuff old school stuff that misses the mark from a pure exploitative content standpoint. It's perfectly content to give it's stoopid try. I want more modern day set Cannibal On The Run films!

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