Monday, September 21, 2009

I have to clean my apartment tommorow. That's the main goal of the day.

MOVIES I WATCHED: The Magic Crane - Technically fantastic, but overly convoluted (Whhen is this genre not?) Wuxia with a fine comedic performance by Small Tony Leung.

I think I'll have a Tsuo Hark festival tommorow. It'll get me in the mood for cranking out twenty pages of ASS.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

They don't 'literally' explode

Today, I saw a man feeding pigeons at the park.

I feel that it only encourages the devil birds, but I couldn't help but feel some empathy for the generous human being who took time out of his day the poor helpless creatures.

There we're about hundred of them pecking madly at his feet. The man was homeless. I looked closer at what exactly he was feeding them...bread...corn chips...feces...?

He was giving the pigeons rice.

Holy Crap.

Pigeons will DIE if you feed them rice.

The little white bits of foodstuff expand in the pigeons stomachs and cause their stomachs to pop. They die slowly and painfully. The man was either completely oblivious to this fact or he was systemetically on a mission to kill as many innocents fowls as possible.

Was this an act of REVENGE? Had pigeons pecked out the the eyes out of his only son and grabbed his wife and dropped her in front of a speeding car? Was this the last recource of a government attempt to rid the city of the winged rats?

Or even worse, was the man just doing it because he was bored?