Monday, January 25, 2010

Blood Creek (2009) - FILM

Completely buried and dumped straight to DVD, BLOOD CREEK is a straight faced horror picture that reaches a little too high but still does a barn burning job of delivering a healthy helping of shock. It's been billed as a straight up Nazi Zombie film, but it follows the classic "Heroes Trapped in a House Surrounded by The Enemy" routine that NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD did so well. No real zombies, but just a bunch of possessed people. Director Joel Schumacher lays on the darkness thick and heavy in an attempt to make the public forget his candy colored BATMAN work. He goes a little heavy eye catching style, but the sheer willingless to please with scene after scene of unrelenting suspense violence is a winner. Only some mediocre CGI (How else do you shoot a possessed demon horse?) gets in the way. The c-list actors (Hey! It's the big brother from PRISON BREAK) spout out the seriouser-than-thou dialogue with ablommp and it's nice to experience something that isn't constantly winking at the audience. Sometimes straight faced ridiculousness works, especially on such a small intimate scale as this. It's no classic, but it should have been given a fair shot. No teens and No Torture translates to the mind of witless hollywood execs as NO MONEY. It kind of plays like an R-rated humorless episode of SUPERNATURAL.

For some reason it's listed under the underwhelming TOWN CREEK title on IMDB.

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