Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Wolfman (US. 2009)

I wrote the following on a message board:

Looks fantastically gothic, there's some great dollops of of gore and the Wolf transformations are surprisingly visceral for being so CG enhanced. Joe Johnston knocked it out of the park on a tonal and technical scale.

Whoa boy this baby is miscast. Hopkins looks like he's about to fall asleep at any second and Del Toro mumbles through every single line with a constipated look of concentration not to let his accent slip through. The love story is as flat as a freaking pancake. I was supposed to care? Really? Is it some kind of joke? The only shining light was Hugo Weaving being an almost bad-ass.

I don't think the final bout of wire-assisted wolf-fu was supposed to get the reaction it generated out of me.

Still, if you ignore the gaping bouts of snooze inducing dialogue scenes, it still has enough moments of fun to make it a fun cheap watch.

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  1. and now i actually want to see this movie. . . what does that say about me?