Monday, February 8, 2010

Cabin Fever 2 (2009) - FILM

How can you hate a film that freeze frames the title on a man being exploding as he is hit by a bus?

Long delayed (It was completed in 2007 ) sequel to Eli Roth's debut feature, CABIN FEVER 2 is a extremely graphic and mean-spirited sequel that will probably disgust even the most ardent new wave horror fan. Penises spurt semen blood (In close-up), heads are caved in Irreversible style, and nails are graphically ripped off in a straight faced attempt at getting the viewer to hurl.

On their very special night, a class of seniors have to deal having drunk some water bottles infected with a fast acting flesh eating virus. The high-school is surrounded by the government (who's ordered to shoot on sight) and our motley gang of loser heroes are forced to figure out a way to get out - and not fall apart in the process.

Director Ti West demanded his name be removed after they did re-shoots and re-edited his original cut. Some things feel superfluous to the plot, like the party loving cop from the first one who returns to take part in an unrelated subplot filled with bit part cameos, but most of the main material works. West's direction is cold and detached, proffering wide shots coupled with simple direct editing to get the point across. Some angles even reminded me of a gore obsessed Wes Anderson composition. The acting is likable across the board, with the always reliable Noah Seagan (Brick, Dead Girl) starring as the main protagonist, and the rest of the teenagers being played by people in their mid twenties that kind of look like teens. On the downside, the ending is at once rushed and bloated, with an lame ass, animated epilogue finishing things up and leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

I haven't liked any of West's films I've seen yet (House of the Devil and The Roost), but this film leads me to believe that he can pull off an audience-pleaser. He's a good director that just needs a fun screenplay he can work with.

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