Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Purple Rain (1984), The Informant (2009) , The Chase (1994) - FILM

Purple Rain (1984)

I had to see this CLASSIC!

Prince acts like a dick. He's charismatic on stage and we hear lots of great music. Yet, he can't act his way out of paper purple suit. And he's a dick. A real mean one that never really learns his lesson.

At one point I hoped the film was going to turn into a slasher film starring a wild eyed mustachioed singer who runs people over with his motorcycle.

It was not to be.


Why doesn't Prince let the girl have her own dreams and move on to another club? Because he's a dick. That's why.

Listen to the album and save your mind the pain.

Now, I need to see Prince's Directorial Opus Graffiti Bridge to have my mind completely blown.

The Chase (1994)

Charlie Cheen lays on the charm in this crazed little road picture that's light on the action and heavy in the forced "LOOK AT HOW WACKY WE ARE!" attempts. You can tell that the budget was keeping the real madness from going on, but it's still a fun little Sunday morning movie ride. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Director Adam Rifkin's work. The few times he shows the prowess with the camera is undermined with a sequence moments later that looks MADE FOR TV.

The film has a place in the history books as the first time Henry Rollins played a cop - a role he'd repeat over and over again.

The Informant (2009)

Soderbergh is a machine. He churns out films like as if he was afraid someone was going to steal his eyesight forever. Most of the time he lathers his productions with his styalistic ticks, but with with The Informant, a tale of economical espionage, he takes a step back and lets the film breathe a little, but is hampered by an out of place feeling Matt Damon and a dramatic 'real life story' that really can't sustain the two hour running time. I think the entire film was an excuse to fill every scene with a plethora of character actors in straight little two line roles: Look! There's Biff from Back to the Future! Patton Oswalt! Scott Bakula! Clancy Brown! Tony Hale!

Why are they there? Well, why the hell not?

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