Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FALLEN (USA. 1998)

For BODY HOPPING SERIAL KILLER ANGEL film, FALLEN sure plays things safe. Denzel Washington acts as himself (as he per usual) as he deals (at his own leisurely pace) with the threat of a killer that has no form. It doesn't take him very long to figure out what's going and even then, the threat is never immediate, just lurking on the horizon. Donald Sutherland and John Goodman show up, do their thing and collect apaycheck. Well made, but way too routine for the nutzoid subject matter. It even goes as far to set up a world where there's a group that fight the renegade angels, but drops that narrative thread before it has a chance to get interesting. With so little to say, it's way to long at two ponderous hours. The out of place on the nose narration stinks of studio tampering, no matter how clever the final reveal thinks it is.

I read on the net that there's a fan cut of this film that radically changes the ending. Really? There's big fans of this flick? The world continues to mystify on a daily basis..

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