Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shane (USA. 1953)

Watching all these classics is dang hard. What else do I have to say that hasn't been laid out in countless books before?

One of the most famous American Westerns that doesn't feature The Duke. Director George Stevens directs a fine un-showy picture that hits all the right emotional beats and makes mythical archetypes out of everyone that crosses through the frame. An evil land owner wants to chase off the farmers on his land and they'll have nothing of it. Alan Ladd is Shane, the titular stranger in town. He's classic uncomplicated hero material, slow to fight, but vicious when the chips are down. Jack Palance is the evil black hatted gunfighter. Bradon De Wilde is annoying as hell as the wide eyed kid that idolizes Shane. It all ends in and everyone goes home with a bittersweet feeling of happiness.

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