Monday, February 1, 2010

A Bucket of Blood (1955) - FILM

In A BUCKET OF BLOOD Dick Miller looks exactly the same way he looks now. Not younger, maybe a little less wrinkless, but the same straight up Miller.


Miller stars as struggling simpleton artist Walter Paisley who discovers that killing people and covering them in plaster makes quite the sensation at the cappuccino bar. Under the economical direction of Roger Corman (The film lasts a scant hour and five minutes) things get kind of out of control before it all wraps up in an unsurprising fashion. If anything, it would have been nice to see Miller really sink his teeth in the material and have a chance to create some real mayhem. Sadly, it never gets that far and things wrap up before they really have a chance to take off.

Tune in for the fun lead role from Miller (who's been typcast as Second Banana Incorporated) and the goofy groovy dialogue from all the hep cats.

It's a real bummer that the chill stylings of the Mill never really got the chance to shine, dig? He became the guy you point and go "Look! It's him!" as opposed to really enjoying one of his performances.

BUCKET was the starting point for LITTLE SHOP OF HORROR. Corman recycled the sets for BUCKET, wrote a quick script and created HORROR in the blink of an eye.

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