Thursday, February 18, 2010

Band of the Hand (USA. 1986)


Oh, quit your whining, it ain't so bad.

A bunch of teenage delinquents are dropped in the ever glades, forced to learn the art of survival, and finally let loose on the crime riddled streets of Miami.

Accept the goofiness that comes with the era and you'll find BAND OF THE HAND a solid action picture that delivers on all the basic cinematic check marks. . I liked the the almost annoying young leads, I liked Steven Lang as a bad ass Indian (???) teacher and I even stomached the fashion. It's broad stuff with a by the numbers plot, but it's none the less a fun engaging ride that keeps the excitement level high. A classic of the eighties and nowhere else.

On an interesting note, the director/star of HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY inch plays the demolitions expert.

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