Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stakeout (1987), Another Stakeout (1993), A Better Place


Generic late 80's buddy cop shenanigans with the charming Richard Dreyfus and Emilio "The Man" Estevez. The viewer is dropped in an episode of a TV series already in progress. They have to watch a woman suspected of committing a crime. There's a little violence, a little swearing, and workmanlike direction by Buddy Cop Director John Bandham. Way overlong at two hours when it should clock in at a brisk 90.

Another Stakeout

Dreyfuss and Estevez have even more comedy chops in this one, but the inclusion of screaming banshee Rosie O' Donnel and a snoozer of a plot knock it down a few pegs. Way to much uninteresting dinner room farce that serves absolutely no purpose. CUT IT DAMMIT.

I'm tired of Bandham only ever having one or two bad guys. Give us body counts dammit!

A Better Place

Above average indie drama starring a Martin Starr and Paul Rudd look alike. Both of them are solid actors surrounded by average ones. They're forced to throw out some pretty painful dialogue, but the general idea gets through the ham fisted direction (Not helped by on the nose voice-over that jams the point down your throat.) Recommended.

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