Monday, February 1, 2010

The Emperor's New Groove (2000) - FILM

The selfish emperor (David Spade) gets turned into a Llama and only a warm hearted peasant (John Goodman) can get him back to his castle. Hot on their tails (No pun intended) is the emperor's evil advisor (Eartha Kitt) and her dim witted sidekick (Patrick Warburton) who want to finish the job.

An oddball entry released at real low point in Disney Animation. The Emperor's New Groove is a frothy entry that overflows with style that's slightly at odds with the warm hearted material at play. You get the big eyed animals looking cute, but it's undercut with a solid vein of cynicism. No musicals number in this one, the tone is more adult orientated (And that doesn't mean SEXUAL INNUENDOS ya dirty minded perv) and the plot is stripped to its bare essentials. David Spade and John Goodman make a good bickering odd couple and Patrick Warburton plays his usual humorous dimwitted lunkhead. It's a scaled down affair that's experimenting without taking too many risks. Emperor is a refreshing breath of fresh 2D air in today's CG infested cinematic world that's clogged with stale pop culture references.

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