Thursday, February 4, 2010

Devils' Den (2006) - FILM

Why do I put myself through this? Chalk it up for my odd obsession with director Jeffrey Burr (He won me over with STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS. As I said before, it only takes one fun film to make me a filmmakers bitch.). Burr is credited on co-director on this penny budget From Dusk Till Dawn rip-off and you can tell it's a straight "Please slip the cheque in my open hand as I look away in shame" project for him - as is most of his directorial output. A really bloated Devin Sawa (Dead on arrival since starring in FINAL DESTINATION) and his disposable buddy try to drug a bunch of strippers with a batch of Spanish fly (These would be rapists are supposed to be the HEROES?) and find themselves dealing with some pasty faced ghouls (Not vampires!) on a sad strip club set. There's a massacre, they get trapped and are forced to try to escape. The bloodshed is as unimaginative as the plot and the greatest sin is pulled - THE FILM IS BORING. Ken Foree (as a sword swinging monster hunter) and Kelly Hu (as a leather clad assassin) give it their best shot with the nothing material. Sawa is annoying and out of breath. It's better than shit, but that's not really a recommendation.

There's one out of place padding scene where they imagine what would happen if the Zatoichi, the Blind Swordsman were caught in their predicament. Where the hell did that actual fun action beat come from? Oh wait. It's gone now.

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