Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Funhouse (USA. 1981)

No killer clowns here. THE POSTER LIES!

Underrated Tobe Hopper horror flick that's ripe with late 70's style and mood. The story deals with four kids that going to a carnival and get more than they bargained for - in this case a monster with a taste for rape and murder. Well, kind of. The film's structure is really easy going, with the killing only starting about an hour in, and than wrapping up with three quick bloodless murders. It's all about the overall feel and in that respect FUNHOUSE succeeds brilliantly. Colored lights, a grimy overall tone and tons of weird humorous asides make it memorable. The monster looks halloween mask fake (Did SFX wizard Rick Baker rummage around in his attic for it?), the kids are pot smoking waiting to dies, and the final scream queen literally does nothing but stand stock still with tears running down her cheeks as the monster growls in her face. It's a worthwhile watch that crystallizes an era on the screen without ever feeling derivative.

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