Friday, February 5, 2010

Society (1989) - FILM


Well-off highschooler Billy (Bill Whitney) has a niggling feeling that something weird is going on in town. His family has been acting very oddly, his friends keep ending up dead, and there's a mysterious girl stalking him. It's pretty routine 80's paranoid-horror-movie territory.

That is, until the famous climax.

Don't be dissuaded by spoilers. You owe it to yourself to witness the eye-popping (literally and figuratively) goopy wonders on display in the final orgiastic blowout. On the negative side, Yuzna loses his grip on the denouement from a tonal perspective. I don't mind a pun or two, but a whole comedy bit interrupting the big reveal tore me completely out of the moment. Don't even get me started on the the unearned pat ending. Good thing FX wizard SCREAMING MAD GEORGE is there to pick up all the prosthetic slack.



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