Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Warlock (USA. 1989)

The first WARLOCK serves up a tasty slice of eighties horror fantasy fun. It's THE TERMINATOR in reverse where an evil warlock (A game Julian Sands) travels to the future to get an evil book that could destroy the earth with only a benevolent magician (The great Richard E. Grant from WITHNAIL and I putting on a straight face) and a girl (Bad Actor! Bad!) on his tail to stop him. Constructed under the hand of work for hire director Steven Miner (HOUSE) and a surprisingly solid script from David Thowy (Pitch Black) the film plays it pretty straight - losing the overly jokee tone that a lot of films were adopting around that period (See WARLOCK 2) for something a little straighter that continually throws interesting magical rules and tricks to keep things going. Fun, if slight, film that's completely aware of its moderate expectations.

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