Saturday, June 12, 2010

Timecop (1994. USA)

The first twenty minutes of Time Cop led me to believe that the concept would be used to its fullest. The 1920's! Old West! Well, forget it. The rest of the film is spent 10 years in the that I mean the present of 1994. Yawn. Even with that in mind, Director/Cinematographer Peter Hyams shoots a REALLY good looking picture with tons of blood, boobs and splits to go around. It's just not much of a time travel movie, and should be taken as a simple modern day Van Damme outing. Still, acting wise Jean Claude Van Damme is WAY over his head with as script that asks him to emote, crack witty jokes and do the splits in his underwear...I'll let you guess which one of those he pulls off. Followed by a straight to DVD sequel starring Jason Scott Lee - of which all I remember is a really bad Hitler impersonator.

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