Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Warlock 2: The Armageddon (USA. 1993)

"My hair must look like a mess?" said the Hooker "What do it look like?

The Warlock rips her hair off and shows it to her. She screams bloody murder.

"You tell me." he sneered.

A much goofier, and gorier, sequel that ditches everything from the original (The mythology, the time traveling aspect, any inkling of acting talent) and only keeps Julian Sands as the Warlock (seemingly unrelated to the character of the last one). It's another 'end of the world scenario' but this time the Warlock has to get a bunch of jewels to open the gates of hell and only a whiny little magicina-in-training can stop him.

The plot is mostly a series of episodic set-pieces where the Warlock kills the owners of the gems in cleverly violent ways till he goes head to head with the whiny brat in a full out splatter filled spaghetti western show-down. Some of the gags are fairly clever, but the saccharine storyline about the "hero" is a painful Disney toned death march (Unless you laugh with every retarded line). It all moves at a wicked fire pace thanks to the super-stylish Raimi-esque direction of Anthony Hickox (The great WAXWORKS series) who never fails to add a swooshing camera or a crash zoom to a character's eyes. Julian Sands plays the cool as ice supernatural killer. A great deal of fun!

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