Saturday, June 12, 2010

STUFF (June 12 - 2010)

I lead a full and fascinating life.


- Matinee (See full review)

- Over the Edge: Tonally perfect youth in revolt film. The adults aren't evil, just ignorant, and while the kids are the centerpiece, we're never led to side completely with their selfish actions. The electronic and orchestral score by the director's father hits all the right notes.

- Breakdown: A seat of your pants thriller starring Kurt Russel. Lean, mean and slick. I loved the final that sums up the moment of shock after everything has gone done.

- Runaway Train: From the director of the ULTIMATE 80's action film TANGO AND CASH. Eric Roberts trying to act! John Voight as a bad-ass criminal! Sold. Hey! Was that Danny Trejo in his first role!? At first it felt like the two escaped prisoner's were dropped into another film, but as the running time rolls on the film reveals itself to be much more intelligent and moving than your usual pyrotechnic filled blockbuster.

- Dead Bang: Don Johnson is the man. Director John Frankenheimer is the man. Together they put together a really fun Dirty Harry (lone cop does his own thing) rip-off with enough little twists to make it stand out from the pack. It's a prime example of 80's tropes: It takes place during Christmas for no discernible reason, the villain are white power bikers, and our hero has to constantly deal with his family troubles. Don does exactly what I would do after a heated foot chase.

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