Saturday, June 5, 2010

Psychomania (UK. 1973)

The plot reads like distilled awesome: ‘A group of bad ass bikers kill themselves and return as THE LIVING DEAD to kill anyone that gets in their way!” Don’t be fooled. It’s an interesting capsule of the sights and sounds of the UK’s seventies Mod Culture, but a failure at being fun or interesting. It’s one big slow moving pot of missed opportunities. Directed by a mainstay from Hammer Studios, the entire endeavor is tame as can be, with no violence to be seen and all the death happening off-screen. Replace ‘bad ass’ with ‘a few wimpy dirt bikes’ and THE LIVING DEAD as ‘normal looking people and you’ve got yourselves a good idea of what the film is! No real characters to speak of, passable acting, some luke warm stunts, and a non-ending. The matching skull helmets are cool, but that isn’t worth a watch. Skip it.

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