Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth (1992. USA)

It's not THAT bad.

The overly hated HELLRAISER 3 has a lot wrong with it: It's middle section drags on forever, the main character is dull as a butter knife, Pinhead turns out to be a droning chatty cathy, the new Cenobites are lame as hell, and the never ending climax ends with a wet fart.


Make that a lot of bad.

As long as you keep your expectations at rock bottom you may even find a few surprises. Anthony Hickox is a stylish director, and while his over the top kinetic style doesn't fit the overall tone of the Hellraiser Universe, he still puts together some neat set-pieces (like the club massacre) that are worth seeing at least once. It's bad, that's for sure, but its not unwatchable, and you may even be forced to call a few bits...dare I Even the ridiculous new Cennobites (CD MAN! CAMERA MAN! BARTENDER MAN!) are worth a few chuckles.

This review reads like Anthony Hickox is my brother in law.

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