Sunday, June 27, 2010

Highway to Hell (1991. USA)

A goofy Direct to Video effort from the golden days when everyone and their uncle were making stuff for VHS consumption. This one even has a clever high concept!

A couple on their way to Las Vegas are driven off the road by the HELL COP, who grabs the girl and rushes off to HELL CITY. The young man (Played by Rob Lowe's brother!) grabs a sawed off double barrelled shotgun, a vintage car and his trusty dog sidekick and rushes off to HELL to save .

Not a horror film by any stretch of the imagination, what we have here is a broad goofy comedy that's nearly a fun time for the entire family. This is low budget Terry Gilliam-lite territory - lot of kinda clever visual gags stretched out on the very Hell-ish desert locale. It's a little too sparse in the 'Stuff happening' category, but has enough quirky charm to make it worth a watch, but not enough to hunt it down. Written by Hollywood heavy hitter Bryan Helegeland (Who writes for the likes of Ridley Scott)

Watch out for Ben Stiller, his dad and his sister in minor roles. Also, Gilbert Godfrey as Hitler!

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