Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Python (2000. USA)

In a small town that probably had a bunch of 'FILM HERE PLEASE' tax breaks, a group of EXTREME SPORT LOVING douchebagee teenagers (A.K.A A bunch of thirty year olds) are attacked by a giant computer generated Python. Some mildly interesting things happen.

How about a D+ for effort?

I've got to give it to PYTHON - It is a little smarter than your average bargain basement horror schlocker. There's an actual attempt at creating some likable characters, a few clever bits, and an genuine attempt to bring a cool monster to the screen. But even with all this going for it, its still a b-grade movie of the finest quality. We've got the terrible acting, a distinct lack of any on-screen violence (It was supposedly made for TV) and a monster, that while intended to look still a big fake CGI python! Any kind of suspense is thrown out the window once the pixels slither on screen and menace an actor who doesn't quite know where to look. Still, there's some fun going on here, like Casper Van Dien and the case of the disappearing accent, a purple haired Will Weaton, and Robert Englund haming it up on screen. It's something you'd stumble on at 1:00 PM in the afternoon on a cable network (You know, the one that plays RUSH HOUR 2 all the time), catch the tail end of, and be surprised that it isn't a complete snake turd.

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