Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The only conceivable way I can see someone hating (with a fiery cheat code fuelled passion) the last volume in Bryan Lee O’Malley’s PILGRIM saga is if they never liked the series in the first place. FINEST HOUR is not going to change anyone’s mind about the series. Scott does not get cancer and spend 200 pages slowly dying. It delivers more of the same - hilarious comedy, visual gags up the wazoo and some kick ass video inspired fight scenes.

Oh, and the story wraps up and stuff.

No plot synopsis. Load up the old SAVED GAME.

O’Malley seems to have second guessed everyone’s prediction of ‘Who is Scott going to end up with!?” as he takes the time to cycle through every character and why they aren’t right for him.

Not only do we get that, but O’Malley actually throws a curveball of character development into the mix. Scott, who’s always been blissfully ignorant of the world around him, actually...dare I say it...grows as a person? An Not in a cheap way either, but a way that’s organic, and logical to everything that’s happened to him.

The book’s climax takes up a good half of the page count, and while it feels a little long, it gives every major character the series has seen a chance to pop in and make an appearance. Scott’s-Ex Envy Adams actually plays a pretty big role here and I really enjoyed how the little moments from the past books came to play in the last one.

If you were wondering the answer is...Yes. I was surprised by who he ended up with, but it never felt cheap.

The book never pretends to offer finality. Life is in constant flux. Nothing is EVER static and the only way we can ever keep going is not by erasing our past, but letting it bleed into the present, and affect our future.

Even if getting to that point means fighting your evil Nega-Doppledanger.

Go read it now.

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  1. I enjoyed how it ended, it was fluid and genuine.