Sunday, July 11, 2010

House on Haunted Hill (US. 1999)

A bunch of people are mysteriously called for a Birthday party in a dilapidated insane asylum. If they survive the night, they get a million dollars. The problem is - the house is actually haunted by crazed murderous ghosts.

Way better than you'd expect because of the nasty visual eye of Director William Malone, a bravura performance by Geoffrey Rush as an amusement park creator and some solid gory violence.

That's good.

This is bad.

The characters are scratched paper thin, the story is filled with illogical plot holes and the ending is one long ten minute stretch of CGI bullshit. The film builds, and builds, and builds, and right when you expect a solid spook-a-blast gore throw down to wrap things all up, we get a early era CGI blob of lame murder.

Nowhere near enough Jeffrey Combs!

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