Sunday, July 11, 2010


Here's an interesting conundrum: I know that I ENJOYED Icarus. It features a solid turn from our man Dolph in the actor/director combo that he's been sliding into for the last five years and it has more than enough violent gunfights (even more than enough) to keep a jaded DIRECT TO VIDEO aficionado satisfied.

But I couldn't recall much of it.

Dolph Ex-Russian KGB agent...or something. And he wants revenge. Because they...did he shoots them...all.

It's that kind of cookie cutter plot, but it delivers, it delivers in spades. It looks cheaper than his last masterwork COMMAND PERFORMANCE, but it does have more bang for your buck, so I'm going to stamp this one with a hearty recommend. If Dolph was just a little more imaginative in his scripting, I'm sure he could craft himself something special.

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