Saturday, July 3, 2010

In Dreams (USA. 1999)

Visually stunning, and nothing else, entry in the New Wave of Serial Killer film that followed in the wake of SEVEN's success (The films share the same cinematographer). IN DREAMS works perfectly when we're only supposed to bask in the beautiful images, but falters completely when things like plot and characters are forced into play. Director Neil Jordan seems to be on auto-pilot - the images he conjures fit his sensibilities - but he never seems to be reaching for greatness. Aidan Quinn as the mother who loses her child is nothing but a collection of shrills screams and nail-on-a-chalkboard actions. You know nothing about her, she continually acts illogically and it was tough for me to find anything but distaste for her. It's the biggest problem in a film rife with the: The dream angle is never fully exploited, Robert Downey Jr hams it up as the serial killer that seems to be in a comedy film, and the story ends on a ridiculous note better suited for a NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET sequel. If you interpret it all 'Dream Sequence' which forgoes logic and characterization for full on forward motion, there's enough enjoyment here to warrant a watch. Don't expect any kind of attachment or a point to anything that's going on screen. It's not a lost classic, but it's way better than most of its ilk.

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