Thursday, March 11, 2010

Prayer for the Rollerboys (USA. 1990)

Corey Haim is dead, so I think it's about time I watched his post-apocalyptic punk gang rollerblading film.

In the future, he streets are ruled by the 'Roller Boys', a fascist group of teenage white supremacists, that uh, rollerblade around. Haim stars as the hero of the tale, a guy who goes undercover for the cops to protect his ten year old younger brother (Who's addicted to the to a a downer called Mist!) from evil drug dealing gang bangers. Patricia Arquette co-stars as another undercover cop that isn't given anything to do other than look attractive.

More late 80's stuff fluff. Everything looks like an episode of Miami Vice, Haim is as wooden as ever (Mr. FaceFrozenInOneExpression) and the villains are all sneering evil that stands around waiting to be gunned down. There's enough unintended hilarity (The wise old black man makes his token appearance.) and uncharacteristic violence (Ahhhh. The Eighies) to make it almost painless. Still, it's the kind of film that you'll always remember the title, but won't ever remember what actually happened in it.

Not enough praying.

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