Thursday, March 11, 2010

20th Century Boys: Part 1

The first in a three part adaptation of the highly acclaimed twenty two volume series, TWENTIETH CENTURY BOYS is a winning mix of a little STAND BY ME, an epic disaster film, and an off the wall sci-fi picture.

Kenji (Toshiaki Karasawa) and his friends wrote a story in their teens about the end of the world. Now in their mid-thirties their made up fantasies are all coming true.

I'm not familiar with the source material, but Director/Writer Yukihiko Tsutsumi steadily juglges all the characters, and there's a lot of them, and their pasts and presents to deliver a slow burn film that rewards the patient. The production values are TV grade at best, but don't let that detract you from the overall experience. Still, it's a bit of schizophrenic experience. One moment we're in some light slapstick, the next heavy drama, and end it all on a shocking bloodbath. Still, it works, and I was won over.

And it's a guarantee, that the unexpected climax will have every viewer scrambling for Part 2.

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  1. Beware! Part II was a tuuurrrd. I read the Manga series, and thought Part I was pretty good. Obviously they had to omit a huge amount of characterization, and the over-all pace had to be turned up, but I thought it was a faithful enough adaptation. Part II however...Oof. Just fucking oof. If you've got time to kill, I recommend the manga! I'm not much of a comic person, but it really blew me away. It's available to read in its entirety on